Farnborough 1948


7-12 September

This was the first SBAC show to he held at Farnborough. It was held on the northern side of the airfield.This was also the first SBAC show where the public were admitted at the weekend. The exhibition area was in the RAE hangars,mainly the famous Black sheds.

The majourity of the aircraft exhibited were still developments of the aircraft of late world war tow,such as the Vampire and Meteor. The most important of the all new aircraft was the Prototype Vickers Viscount, the worlds first turbo-prop airliner.There were a number of aircraft that were used as flying testbeds for new engines.The Fairey Gyrodyne was the holder of the world speed record for helicopters.The DH108 was the first British supersonic aircraft,and was brought in specially for the public days.Vampire TG278 was the world altitude record holder.

Aircraft Exhibits

G-AGTG Portsmouth Aerocar 2
G-AHIM Short Solent 2 S1301 flying only
G-AHIS Short Solent 2 s1305 flying only
G-AHRF Vickers Viscount 630 1 prototype
G-AIDN Supermarine Spitfire T8 6S/729058
G-AIFO Bristol Freighter 21 12775
G-AIKF Fairey Gyrodyne FB1
G-AILH HPR Marathon 1 6430 G-AJCJ Cierva Skeeter 1 W.14/1 Prototype
G-AJIZ Auster Autocrat J/1 2343
G-AJJP Fairey Gyrodyne FB
G-AJLN Airspeel Consul 5132
G-AJPH Vickers Viking 207 jet powered
G-AJXW Auster Avis 2838
G-AKBC Elliotts Eon 1
G-AKDN DHC1 Chipmunk 11
G-AKFP HP Hermes 4 HP.81/1
G-AKPK Gloster Meteor T7 G.5/201
G-AKRD Airspeed Ambassador 62
G-AKSV DH Dove 1B 04161
G-AKUX Chrislea Super Ace 106
G-AKUY Chrislea Super Ace 107
G-AKYA Percival Proctor 5 Ae112
G-AKYJ Percival Proctor 4 H789
G-ALBL Fairey primer F8455
G-ALCM Percival Prince P.50/1
G-ALCV Cierva Air Horse W.11.1 Prototype
G-ALOI Planet satelite 1 unmarked prototype,never flew
G-23-1 Percival prentice 1 for Argentinian Air force
G-31-1 Scottish Avn Pioneer 101 prototype
DK429 Fairey Firefly T1 F7685
EK844 Blackburn Firebrand TF5
PA143 Supermarine Seagull ASR1
PF606 DH Mosquito TT39
RA490 Gloster Meteor F4
RE292 Avro Lincoln B2
RE339 Avro Lincoln B2 Bristol Theseus testbed
RH809 Bristol Brigand 12683
TG271 Saunders-Roe SR A/1 jet flying boat,flying only
TG278 DH vmpire F1
TG527 HP Hastings C1
TS515 General Aircraft 61
TS363 A.W. 52 RR Nene powered flying wing
TS368 A.W. 52 RR Derwent powered flying wing
VF172 B-P Balliol 1
VF332 DH Vampire F3
VF558 Auster T7
VL522 Auster A.2/45
VM125 Avro Athena 1
VM732 Avro Lancastiran RR Avon testbed
VP401 Hawker P1040 Sea Hawk Prototype VP413 Hawker N.7/46
VR211 Percival Prentice T1 PAC/035
VR363 Short Sturgoen TT2 SH1560
VR892 DH Sea Hornet F20
VT256 Gloster Meteor F4
VT487 Fairey Firefly AS5 F8371
VV218 DH Vampire FB5
VV219 DH Vampire FB5
VW120 DH 108
VW140 Vickers Vletta C1 310
VW890 Avro Athena 2
VW897 B-P Balliol 2
VW905 Bristol 171 12869
VX195 Avro tudor 1249